Swelasers new address

Yes finally we are building our own new office and warehouse. All the magic will be created there in the future. The address is Enkröksvägen 17, S-142 51 Skogås, Sweden

Active DWDM Transmission system

Swelaser proudly present our new DWDM transmission system. We may deliver everything from 10G Ethernet /Fiber channel to 4 TERA = 40 x 100GB Ethernet over a 80km (<26dB) single mode fiber. If interested please contact us and we will design what you want.

Welcome to our Seminar

Swelaser will be helping 2nd of October on a seminar on the Bredbandsbåten 2019. The SSNF (Swedish Local Fibre Alliance) arranges a seminar together with Swelaser about surveillance and activating the passive fiber. Clients that wishes to assure that the fiber is not hijacked and like to make sure their net may not only deliver …

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Foreign establishment

20th of April 2019 Swelaser got the honour of being chosen as a promising company for export by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Sales. Granted subsidy for a foreign establishment. Swelaser is now planning an establishment in Germany and Italy for the later part of 2019.


A new way to build superfast cross nodes. Instead of just fiber rings. Build your safe triangles and expand to the center of your community. Please contact us for more info.