Swelaser was founded in 2003 after a number of deals with Bredbandsbolaget and Telenor and has since all been a supplier of everything within fiber optics. Swelaser is today a specialist supplier of extraordinary technology to most well-known operators in the industry and is considered to be the one who delivers the latest but in a smaller amount. From the simple small lasers to the 400GB or even the higher capacities, Bare Metal to Active Passive Fiber Monitoring, odd products such as the Killing the Dead Zone tool. References everything from Johannes El to British Telecom and Telia Company.

The ambition to be a national supplier to Stadsnät, Datacenters and Operators has been achieved, which is why it now feels right to go abroad. Together with Business Sweden, EKN, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and a supplier, we will soon start up abroad.

As part of the new Swelaser investment, we have hired a business developer and salesman who has his background from Siemens Communications, was one of 4 founders of Zitius AB (2003), which since the start has been considered the market-leading communications operator in the industry (today owned by Telia 2104).

Now 2019 we have  reorganized and started up with a new concept for cyber security  protecting the passive fiber optical nets from interventions.